From a presentation given to SEMLA (Southeast Chapter of the Music Library Association, Columbia, South Carolina, 1993):

  • Listen to me when I talk to you (D.L. Menard)
  • Ninety-nine year waltz (various artists)
  • Calling in sick (Joe Walker)
  • Don’t need no husband (Rockin’ Sidney)
  • Don’t sell that monkey (Beau Jocque)
  • Everybody gotta start somewhere (Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas)
  • Forgot I was married (Sidney Brown & Shorty LeBlanc)
  • She didn’t know I was married (Belton Richard and others)
  • Give him cornbread (Beau Jocque)
  • Give me a good time woman (Rockin’ Sidney)
  • I can’t lose with the stuff I use (Rockin’ Dopsie)
  • I love my Saturday night (Jim Olivier)
  • Il n’ya pas de montagnes dans la Louisiane (Les Domangue)
  • Johnny can’t dance (Aldus Roger and many others)
  • I saw Johnny dance (Wayne Toups)
  • Mixed up and confused (C. J. Chenier)
  • Who stole the pies? (various artists)
  • Lula, Lula don’t you go to bingo (Boozoo Chavis)
  • Hold my false teeth and I’ll show you how to dance (Camey Doucet)

Someday I’ll update this list!  There have been many life lessons in Cajun and zydeco music since 1993!  Jambalaya Cajun Band even put out a CD called “Lessons Learned!”