Young, attractive, Creole, with a good voice, Rosie Ledet has been the most active woman in zydeco.  She tours frequently and has eight CDs to her credit.  Crowds at Jazz Fest go wild for her,  especially when she sings about “the little blue pill.”  Her songs are full of sexy double entendre, inviting the listener to “play with my poodle.”   Well known and well liked, it came as a shock to see the story in last Sunday’s Times-Picayune stating that she had left a dead fetus in an Allen Parish storage shed.  Her own web site,, simply says “Website relaunch coming soon.”  Her MySpace page,, has no blog postings and only the most general information.  No user comment is newer than June 12, 2009.  Only Google News carries any word about the allegations.  Her MySpace concert list shows her in Maryland today and New York and Massachusetts.  No word on whether these dates are still active.

If true, this is very sad news.   I hope we’ll have an investigation that is fair to all involved.  This is sad news to bring, and I waited for several days before bringing it up.  This is not a gossip site.