Though the 2008 election’s over, this is still a great song, performed live at a dance.  The credits say that’s Christine Balfa on acoustic guitar, her husband Dirk Powell on electric guitar and vocals, Corey “L’il Pop” Ledet on Cajun accordion, and Zydeco Joe Mouton on rubboard.  Also credited are Jeffrey Broussard and Linzay Young.  Can’t tell if it’s the Jeffrey Broussard formerly of Zydeco Force and currently of Jeffrey Broussard and the Creole Cowboys on drums.  Powell and Balfa are the backbone of the group Balfa Toujours, and Christine is part of the mostly-women band Bonsoir, Catin.  “Oui on peut” is Cajun French for “Yes we can,” the Obama campaign slogan.  There are English subtitles.  The guy in plaid shirt and straw cowboy hat looks familiar.