THE SUN’S GOING DOWN.  Zydeco Force.  Maison de Soul LP-1038.  No date, presumably 1991.  One 12″ disc.  (Available from Swallow Records)

Zydeco Force is a relatively new group of capable musicianship, featuring   piano-key accordion, rubboard, guitar, bass, drums, and both solo and group singing with spirited call-and-response.  These instruments combine to give a dense, spirited sound.  Oddly, the musicians’ names are not given with the recording.  Though their sound is typical, but their selection of songs is unusual.  They’ve borrowed Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier” as “Zydeco Soldier (Buffalo Soldier),” the Dirty Dozen Brass Band’s “Do What You Wanta,” and Roberta Flack’s “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.”  The first two translate well into the zydeco idiom, but the last which is overly sentimental.  The splendid instrumental “Zydeco Slop” has a driving beat, in the style of Clifton Chenier.  Zydeco Force proudly proclaims French African-American style and culture.  “Zydeco Extravaganza” repeatedly mentions “Richard’s Club,” [2009: now closed] the famous night club in Lawtell, La., and “Zydeco Run” is a plea for peace through zydeco.  Zydeco Force, along with their contemporaries C. J. Chenier, the Sams Brothers, and many others insure a bright future for the spicy zydeco style.

[First appeared in the Sonneck Society Bulletin vol. 18 (Fall 1992): page 140.]

June 2009:  Zydeco Force has come and gone, unfortunately, but left behind them several fine recordings.  ‘The Sun’s Going Down” still hasn’t appeard in CD format.  LSU-Eunice Contemporary Cajun, Creole & Zydeco Musician’s entry on Zydeco Force, from 2003 with an update in 2009.  Accordionist Jeffrey Broussard has struck out on his own with his group the Creole Cowboys.