Since 1995, I’ve been working on a listing of all commercially-released Cajun, Louisiana Creole and zydeco music.  It’s been a huge task but unbelievably fun and rewarding.  In those fourteen years, I’ve met countless music enthusiasts, musicians, record industry and radio industry people.  All of them, without exception,  have been welcoming and positive about the project.   I’ll continue to write about these experiences as long as I’ve got breath in me.

There is an Internet version of the database.  You can search 2086 recordings.  In planning the database, I tried to think about every way that a musician, music enthusiast, or other interested folk might want to search for and find out about this music.  Recordings listings give title, individual or group credited with creating it, record label, catalog number, date, format (33, 45, 78, CD, etc.), liner notes (with author), and photos of the musicians.

Individual songs are listed by title as given on the recording.  That might be English or French or both.  I have not “normalized” titles.  You’ll find lots of different spellings of French titles, e.g., ‘Jolie blon,’ ‘Jolie blond,’ and ‘Jolie blonde.’  Yes, it’s more work for you to find all versions of a recording.  But then I don’t make mistakes about the “real” title of a song.  That’s a matter of dispute for many songs, anyway.

Record companies are listed with brief information, like street and mailing addresses and telephone numbers.

There is a musician’s directory with instrument(s) played, bands played with, birth and death dates and other notes.  This information is generally taken from recordings themselves, though I’ve added information from the news, like deaths.  Right now putting in first and last names usually fails; last name is best.  Entries are brief, so you’ll have little trouble finding the one you want.

One search accepts the name of a recording and comes back with the list of tracks found on it.  This one wan’t working this morning and needs work.

At the bottom left are buttons to “View all recordings” in three categories: Band/Performer, Title (recording), and Year.  These just spit out the entire list of recordings sorted in one of these ways.

There are a few other pages with background and additional information, like, how do I decide that a recording belongs in the list, and a list of recommended recordings.  No, I don’t sell or give them away.  You’re smart enough to have gotten this far, and I’m sure you can find what you need.