Festival International is a world music festival held in Lafayette, LA, the same time as the first Jazz Fest weekend.  It starts Wednesday and goes through Sunday.  The original emphasis was on Francophone music, but that’s no longer true (list from 2009 festival).  One can year music from Ivory Coast, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Quebec, France, and even Texas.  There are five stages in the downtown area, with several streets blocked off Saturday and Sunday.  There is a Heritage Stage where Cajun, Louisiana Creole and zydeco artists are more likely to appear.  This year there was a tribute to Walter Mouton, the leader of the Scott Playboys.  Now retired, he played nearly every Sunday for thirty years at the club La Poussiere (the dust) in Breaux Bridge, LA, near Lafayette.  I heard only the last song, but he’s still in great form and well worth hearing.   Lil’ Buck Sinegal (also spelled Senegal), Clifton Chenier’s former guitarist, played a crowd-pleasing set of standard rhythm and blues.  Roddy Romero did a fantastic set on Cajun and triple-row button accordions.  He said that he’s working on a traditional Cajun album.  After the La Louisianne Sessions, it should be fantastic.  His guitarist even wrung the sound of a pedal steel guitar out of a conventional solid body guitar.  The weather was warm and humid, but the mood was hot and spicy.